Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Book;Scribbles on the Wall

New Book ‘Scribbles on the Wall’ by Evan Sutter set to get the tongues wagging!

Engaging, Insightful, Provocative & Compelling

‘Scribbles on the wall’ is a reflection on life through experiences, observations, mistakes, regrets and successes, provoking debate, fostering ideas and raising opinion on everyday happenings; from alcohol and drugs to sex and religion, health, friendship, travel, community, lifestyle, work, study  and everything in between. 

Our society is becoming more and more superficial and materialistic with every new ad campaign that storms into the younger generation’s faces. Magazine covers are littered with thin, perfect bronzed models; every ad targets our insecurities and persuades us to believe that without the latest trend we cannot be ‘cool’ or ‘popular’. Instead of creating people of unique substance and style we encourage conformity.

In a world of cutting edge innovations and technological breakthroughs we still suffer from chronic unhappiness, a result of a desire for fast, short term fixes. Simple lives and simple pursuits replaced with fast cars, big houses and over-complications.
Evan Sutter's latest work give a candid view of an obtainable life path in given with observed morals and teachings from tantric Zen to the anecdotes and parables from people of peace and serves as a positive guide to reflect and better your subconscious.

Scribbles on the Wall is the must read of 2013 and can be found on and with the Hardcover version coming very soon!




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